Your Partner in Development, Design and Manufacture of Solutions for Hearing Instruments and Audio Components


Wire, Cable and Connector Solutions

As market leader within wire solutions, we offer more than 1200 different lead wires. We offer specially designed micro connectors, standard and custom. Cables are available cut, stripped and tinned for different applications or as a ready to use unit with plug and connectors.

Custom Solutions

Unique and innovative solutions

Building on more than 25 years of experience we design innovative solutions in close cooperation with leading hearing aid and earphone manufacturers. We provide engineering assistance in design, development and manufacturing.


Hearing aids, earphones and others

Our wire and connector solutions are used in BTE, ITE, RIC, similar hearing instruments, and other medical devices. Within audio, our products are used in and with earphones and in ear monitors, in loudspeaker voice coils and for security / communication.


Core competencies

Micro size wire and cable solutions

One of our core competencies is twisting, cutting and tinning very fine wires down to 15µm. Our standard program comprises more than 1,200 different wires. We manufacture according to customer preferences and specifications.


Do business with us

High customer satisfaction

Quality and service is of outmost importance at estron and customer needs are always in focus. Our professional service is continuously documented by our customers in Customer Satisfaction Surveys.



Supplier to leading manufacturers

In close cooperation with our customers we have contributed to the development of some of the finest and most innovative solutions in the market. High quality components that ease the everyday life for people all over the world.