Customer centric by heart


  • Cutting-edge, reliable, and durable micro connections
  • Litz wires, cables, connector solutions, IEM cables, and micro custom connector solutions, from RIC connectors to communication earpieces
  • Ideation, development, manufacturing, assembly and customer support
  • Collaboration with the best hearing aid producers, security and in-earmonitor manufacturers

30 years of expertise in
micro connections

From litz wire supplier to development partner and solutions provider

From Hearing to Communication

As a leading developer and manufacturer of miniature components for the hearing, communication, audio, and related industries, estron a/s has a strong track record of innovation and reliability.

Starting in the hearing business, estron pioneered the litz wire industry over 30 years ago. Today, manufacturers prefer estron's litz wire solutions, T2 connectors, and Linum cables for their exceptional quality and reliability. 

We focus on quality and user-friendliness in all solutions. Our technology and unique designs allow customers to create smaller devices while minimizing production failures and claims.

Miniature, thin, and low-profile products from estron seamlessly integrate into hearing aids, cabled ear pieces, in-ear monitors, and earphones, serving millions of users worldwide.

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Great achievements

Setting new standards

es-Comm™ cabled earpiece solutions for communication launched
es-Hear™ plug cable and RIC solution introduced for OTC hearing
New owner, private equity fund Erhvervsinvest
T2™ duo poka-yoke connector system for advanced communication solutions
Expansion of production facilities in Vietnam
New co-owner Executive Capital, together with co-founders
T2™ connector system 2nd generation for IEMs
T2™ connector system for medical - hearing (implants)
Linum® detachable earphone cable setting new standards
estron Vietnam production facility established in Ho Chi Minh City
T2™ connector system for hearing instruments introduced
First custom micro plug and cable RIC solution
estron production opened in China (closed and moved to Vietnam in 2021)
es-Linum® cable for micro components released
ESW™ litz wires cut and tinned, setting new industry standards
estron's first products were CPT™ litz wires and pick-up coils
estron a/s was registered by Allan Sørrig and Lars Elgaard

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30 years with the
customer in focus

Founded in 1994 with just one customer, Oticon, estron began its journey when founders Allan Sorrig and Lars Elgaard were given the opportunity to build a wire business. From day one, our customer-centric approach has driven every decision. Through close dialogue, trust, and mutual commitment, we achieve outstanding results.

As specialists in ultra-fine litz wires, thin cables, and micro connector solutions, estron is the preferred supplier in our field. Our world-class quality, flexibility, and credibility are trusted by industry leaders; the largest hearing aid companies, and leading IEM and earphone manufacturers.


Listening to our customers has always been essential for us to understand their need for innovative solutions



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High quality scalable production

  • Excellency in development, manufacturing, and assembly
  • Design for manufacturing
  • Scalable production from low to high volume production
  • High precision equipment developed and built inhouse
  • Top quality performance through effective documentation
    and deep learning processes
  • Continuous focus on training and organisational learning
  • Committed to ESG progress
  • Strong corporate social responsibility and code of conduct
  • Production sites in Denmark and Vietnam
  • Full compliance, ISO 9001:2015, REACH, RoHS

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Creating the best requires the best
Customer minded execution by heart

estron highlights

  • More than 30 years of specialty experience
  • 500 dedicated and skilled employees with long-standing commitment
  • Stable and experienced management teams
  • Design and manufacturing of miniature wire, cable, and connector solutions
  • Revolutionary IP68 connector system - setting new standards for earphones
  • Innovative cable solutions - recognised as the lightest and most ergonomic
  • Litz wire technology pioneer and world leader
  • In-house development of machinery for automated precision production
  • Production facilities in Denmark and Vietnam
  • ISO 9001 - 2015
  • AAA - Highest Creditworthiness
  • Sustainable development goals - Ecovadis bronze score
  • Ownership by Private Equity Fund


You get access to

  • Strategic partnership
  • Engineering expertise in ideation, design, development, and manufacturing
  • Unique, reliable, and durable micro connections
  • Litz wires, cables, connector solutions, IEM cables, and micro custom
  • connector solutions from RIC connectors to communication earpieces
  • High security of supply
  • Comprehensive process know-how
  • Expertise in test and qualifications
  • Low claim rate
  • Customer service second to none – prompt response, solution oriented, engaged, and honest
  • Independence - products not dependent on specific suppliers

Dialogue, mutual inspiration
, meeting in person. See us at the AAA HearTECH Expo and the EUHA Congress and Exhibition every year, and other events. Let‘s meet out or “home“

You are always welcome at estron

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