Achieve the smallest most powerful and reliable connections with estron’s up to 8 conductors ready to use es-Linum® cables without compromising strength and durability

es-Linum® is a unique high-tech cable developed by estron. The cable is thin, strong and almost invisible. The cable is made from ESW - silver-plated copper wire and strengthening fibres. It is extruded with formable Pebax - and has an OD of Ø0.9 mm. As opposed to a tube, es-Linum is not hollow. No sound waves will pass through, and thus acoustical feedback is reduced. Moreover, no sweat, moisture or ear wax can enter the inside of the jacket. The cable is tested and approved for cochlear use.

Ideal for applications within Hearing, Medical, OTC, Audio, Communication and similar.

  • High durability -High tensile strength
  • Small outer diameter (Ø0.9mm), low tolerances
  • Custom cut, stripped, pre-tinned -ready to use
  • Well proven track records
  • Also available in UV stabilised medical grade, different shores


Overall diameter ø0.9mm +/- 0.03mm
Conductors ESW™ Litz wires 7x32um – high purity copper (99.95%) wire
  with a fine silver plating. Polyurethane/polyamide, double enamel
Jacket UV stabilised - soft/hard versions
Stripping 3mm (typical vale)
Tinning 0.5mm +0.5/0.0 (standard)
Solder SAC305 (SN96.5 Ag3 Cu0.5), RoHS compliant
Soldering Maximum 0.5 seconds at 390°C
Insulation resistance > 1MΩ 
Break down voltage > 375V

es-Linum is the foundation of our 
custom connector solutions and detachable earphone cables.

The cable is also available for other applications - cut, stripped and tinned.



  • Hearing
  • Medical
  • OTC
  • Audio
  • Communication (Security, Law enforcement, Motor sports, Gaming and similar)



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