Custom Connectors

Since 2009 estron has supplied custom micro plugs and cable solutions for medical devices, especially hearing aids. The quality and reliability of our solutions are proven with more than 20 million cable-based RIC connectors in the market. The apparent advantage of a cabled connector integration compared to a tube solution is the number of conductors available. With an estron cable-based RIC connector, you get up to 6 conductors (8 conductors in the works), opening for far more features, while the diameter of the cable remains just 0.9mm.

Benefits of an estron cable-based RIC connector

  • 2-6 conductors (Patent pending 8 conductors in the works)
  • Outer diameter of cable 0.9mm 
  • Usually no need for blunt / anchor in construction 
  • Plug to cable anchoring pull force of 35 Newton (with aramid, 20 N without aramid)
  • More contacts in less space
  • Easy to insert into the ear canal 
  • Thin - almost invisible
  • Available in hard and soft versions
  • Formable and self-fitting
  • Easy to replace
  • Easy to handle

Our custom connector system is based on the unique high-tech cable, es-Linum®, developed by estron.


Create the best RIC connector solution

In close cooperation with customers, our skilled and dedicated engineers develop reliable and optimal connector integrations for hearing aids and other medical devices.



Our solutions are ideal for Receiver In The Canal Hearing Instruments. The cable is also tested and used for cochlear.


Custom design

estron connector solutions are designed in several configurations, developed in close cooperation with our customers. The custom solutions are based on insert moulded es-Linum cable with two, three and six connections. The cable is supplied with some of the smallest plugs in the world.

We offer several options in materials and shapes. Female part is typically integrated into the application.

Benefit from estron's expertise in soldering, gluing, moulding, and printing. We carry out all processes in house, and with multiple production sites, you are safe with estron.

Our engineers design the best solutions in close cooperation with our customers. Often it is possible to base the new design on the customer's existing solution, which will shorten project and ramp-up time considerably. Test programmes are carried out as agreed.

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  • Hearing
  • Medical
  • OTC (Over the counter hearing solutions)
  • Audio
  • Communication (Security, Law enforcement, Motor Sports, Gaming and similar)


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