Standard Connectors

estron audio connectors are developed based on our extensive experience working with ultra-small and high-quality connectors for hearing aids.

Key words are high pull/tensile strength and high reliability.


estron T2™ - with a grip like a Talon

Audio Connector System for Earphones and In Ear Monitors

Improve product durability
The estron T2 Audio Connector Solution is specifically designed for manufacturers who require the most reliable connection with focus on pull force stability, no intermittence and consistent high durability.

Supplied in a minimalist and aesthetic design the T2 socket is easy to integrate in new developments. Combined with a strong tactility perception, the T2 connector system contributes to the best possible end-user experience; easy to use, long durability, and clear sound transmission.

• Consistent high durability
• No intermittence
• Pull force stability
• Miniature design
• Minimal socket wear
• Metal parts resistant to sweat exposure
• Sealed connector system (IP67)
• Strong tactility perception
• Easy to integrate in design and product
• Tested and approved for medical devices

The focal point of the T2 connector system is minimum wear on the socket part, which ensures the longest possible product lifetime for earphones and IEMs. 

This T2 connector system is a well proven alternative to the standard MMCX and 2Pin connector solutions. 

The T2 Connector System is designed and patented by estron a/s.


The new T2 Socket DS is now in production -> Read more about it here.

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For references, check the T2 site.


Write to us at [email protected] if you require additional information, e.g. application note including connector specifications.