es-Hear™ — Plug & Play Micro Connection

Plug cable and RIC for hearable solutions 

es-Hear™ is a complete off-the-shelf plug cable and RIC (Receiver-in-Canal) solution, from the socket to the ear tip, built on extensive experience in advanced development projects and manufacturing for hearing aids, audio, and communication. es-Hear™ secures the connection to real life, making it an ideal solution for hearables, OTC hearing, communication, and similar applications, where standard components and speedy development are essential. 


Accelerated Project

es-Hear™ accelerates your project, reducing time-to-market and ensuring you stay ahead.


Receiver Independent

Independence from receiver suppliers opens for more opportunities and greater flexibility.


Agile Approach

estron offers agile project support and collaboration ideal for especially start-ups.

Plug & Play

The estron RIC connector solutions are Plug & Play off-the-shelf solutions with options for customisation.


IP-68 Proof

The construction is made with IP-68 protection to withstand real-life challenges. IP-68 2 meter water.


Demanding Applications

UV resistant and fibre-reinforced es-Linum® cable Ø0.9mm, and Robust and reliable miniature connectors.


Unmatched Technical and Process Expertise in Micro Connections

For three decades, estron has brought connections to life worldwide, providing the smallest and most durable connector solutions to the hearing aid market. Having successfully manufactured more than a billion litz wires and millions of cable-based RIC connectors using the unique es-Linum® cables with insert-moulded plugs, various materials, and shapes, our extensive track record demonstrates the robustness and quality of our products. As a development and manufacturing house, estron supplies the highest level of customer service, including technical support, the best quality, and a professional and stable supply chain that is scalable from prototypes to high-volume. 

Unlock the Future of Your Hearable Solution in 4-12 Weeks


By combining our experience with the best solutions from the hearing, audio, and communication fields, along with high-quality components, the es-Hear™ plug & play micro connection provides hearable developers the opportunity to focus solely on the hearing device. estron offers project acceleration in 4-12 weeks, from initial contact to delivery, depending on your requirements. Typical solutions are based on balanced armature or dynamic drivers and can be supplied either way. Contact us today to speed up your project.

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