Detachable high-tech cables for earphones

Reliable, Exquisite, and Comfortable 

estron Linum cables are built and designed based on estron's more than 25 years working with ultrafine litz wires, micro connectors, and cable solutions for the Hearing Aid industry. Linum cables are specifically designed for earphone manufacturers who require the most reliable connection with focus on high tensile strength, pure sound transmission and user comfort.

High Durability

Robust design. High tensile strength up to 180N. IP68 with T2 connection. UV stabilised. No corrosion. 


Pure sound

0.6 – 2.0 Ohms. The cables provide a clear, clean, and reference level acoustic performance.



Great ergonomics. Weightless feel. Soft and skin friendly. With glasses, under helmet, no irritations. 


Low impact

High reliability and durability. Carefully selected high-quality natural materials. No phthalates. Low mass. 


Strong brand

Strong track record. Prized by audiophiles, superb reviews, chosen by the best earphone manufacturers. 


Product tracking

For easy identification and tracking all cables are supplied with a small data matrix print on the jack plug. 


The main differentiator of a Linum cable is the high tensile strength and still a mass down to 4g and a diameter of only 0.9mm. The Linum cable is soft to the skin, extremely thin and flexible, and thus very comfortable to use. The cable contributes to the best possible customer experience; easy to use, long durability, and ultimately fewer claims and repairs for the manufacturer.

Paired with the best universal and custom in ear monitors

From invisible to eye-catching cables with great ergonomics

Since the introduction in 2013 Linum cables have been appraised by audiophiles worldwide for the genuine sound and extreme comfort. In 2018 and 2019 the Linum SuperBaXwas awarded “Best cable - best value” and “Best IEM cable - smaller pockets” by Headfonia. 

With different unique designs in 2023 we bring the Linum cable programme into a new league. We have been playing with the design, mixing transparent and black cables, and twisting the cables in new ways. The cables are exquisite, eye-catching, seem more robust to the eye, and still provide great ergonomics. 

Today the almost invisible and most ergonomic cables are also used with earpieces for motorsports, by broadcasters, and high-level security people. 


Earphone cable differentiation options

Affordability – Performance – Appearance 

For more detailed information on each of the Linum cable versions below, click on the image to go to the product page on, which is our Linum brand website.

Linum® Music

Feels weightless
Ultimate comfort
Flat response. Speech


Linum® BaX

All-round solution
Extended bandwidth
Low crosstalk


Linum® SuperBaX

Maximum comfort and sound optimisation
Pure sound


Linum® UltraBaX™

No compromise
Purest sound


Linum® DualBaX

No compromise - Purest sound
Eye-catching - No tangling


Linum cables are removable and used as standard stock cables, replacements, and/or upgrade cable for high-end IEMs, CIEMs, and earphones with detachable cables. The variations are many, standard and custom, and available upon request. 

As standard, Linum cables are available with the estron T2 plug, which is identical and compatible with IPX connector systems, and the standard 2-Pin plug (Ø0.78mm). With the low-profile estron T2 plug to MMCX socket adapter, Linum cables with T2 can also be used with MMCX earphones. 

Linum is a registered trademark of estron a/s. 

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