Warning! T2 plug COPY in circulation

With the increasing popularity of the estron T2 Connector System, we have now seen the first T2 plug copy in the market. One of our customers has experienced a poor connection using cables from another supplier, and we discovered it was a fake T2 plug.

Please pay attention, if the T2 plug is fake, there is a high probability of damaging the original T2 socket. Make sure you only use cable suppliers, who use the original T2 plug.

If your customers often use third-party cables, it may be worth warning them to avoid claims related to this.


How to identify a T2 plug COPY

The fake T2 is a copy of our design yet it is constructed differently and does not have the same measures as the original estron T2 plug. The fake T2 is often named IPX plug or UE IPX plug, yet has nothing to do with Ultimate Ears, who uses original sockets and plugs from estron.

-> The COPY plug has a large rubber gasket/ring, which looks like a swim ring, the original T2 gasket is small and flat.

-> The COPY plug rubber ring is hard and will most likely not provide a seal; NOT IP67. The original T2 gasket is soft and provides a seal when it is compressed.

-> The centre pin of the COPY plug has a split tube, the material around the centre is white. The original T2 does not have a split tube, and the material around the centre is black.


We have been in touch with the company who made copies. They have stopped the copy production and now use the original estron T2. Yet, it seems there are still copies out there, and maybe other copy-cats, therefore this warning.

Should you have any questions or requests regarding the T2 Connector System, please contact us at [email protected]


Best regards
estron sales team

Denmark, October 12, 2020