New Multipole Micro Connector

estron develops and supplies standard and custom micro plugs and cable solutions with up to 6 conductors. With the new patent pending 8 conductor in the works, we provide customers with the opportunity to open for even more features in the application.



More conductors opening for more features in less space

The patent pending generic estron Multipole Micro Connector is a cable-based plug-socket connector system designed for manufacturers who require several features in a miniature design. With up to 8 conductors, the connector allows design inclusion in the application of microphones, sensors, signal separation etc.

To contribute to the longest possible product lifetime, the micro connector is designed with focus on multiple insertions and minimal wear on the socket. Combined with a strong tactility perception and a user-friendly size, the connector system contributes to the best possible end-user experience: Ease of use in everyday applications, reliable transmission, and long durability.

Unique features:

  • Up to 8 conductors in a miniature design
  • High reliability cable ø0.9mm with up to 8 conductors (up to 12 in the works)
  • Consistent high durability
  • Plug to cable anchoring pull force >35 Newton
  • Poka-yoke designed interface for failproof use
  • Sealed system design (IP68 2m water)

The patent pending micro connector is ideal for applications within Hearing, Audio, and Communication, e.g. for Security, Military, Broadcast, and other demanding industries.

With almost 15 years of experience working with micro connector solutions, and millions of cable-based RIC connectors in the market, we are the ideal development partner for your new micro connection project.

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