Expanding the Linum cable programme

Introducing the 2-Pin Plug

The demand for Linum detachable cable variants for high-end earphones and in ear monitors with the 2-Pin connector system has been consistently strong over the years. Today, we are thrilled to announce that a selection of our standard Linum cables is now available with the classic 2-Pin connector, featuring a pin diameter of 0.78mm and pin centre distance 1.9mm.

Our 2-Pin plug, designed in a sleek black finish to complement the overall Linum cable design, is crafted to be one of the market's most compact 2-Pin connectors. This makes it an excellent choice for a wide range of high-end IEMs and CIEMs, including those with recessed sockets.


Standard 2-Pin Plug and Cable Engineered to Mitigate Known Socket Failures

From our observations in the market, we've learned that 2-Pin sockets can be prone to damage when subjected to excessive force. Linum cables equipped with 2-Pin Earhook are thoughtfully designed with a small split between the 2-Pin plug and the Earhook to minimise the stress on the 2-Pin socket, aiming to ensure its long-lasting durability.


T2 – The most Robust Solution for Your IEMs

As we celebrate the introduction of 2-Pin connectors on Linum cables, and with an awareness of the 2-Pin socket issues, it's crucial to acknowledge that, in terms of durability and robustness, we firmly believe that the estron T2 connector system continues to set industry standards. For manufacturers, it remains the top choice for those seeking the most resilient solution for their IEMs. Please visit our Standard Connector page for more information.


Exploring the Linum Standard Programme with 2-Pin Plugs

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