Unveiling a New Plug & Play Solution

Press release 16-10-2023

Unveiling a New Plug & Play Solution “es-Hear™” – A Game-Changer and Milestone for estron as a Solution Provider.

estron a/s, a global leader in cutting-edge wire, cable, and connector solutions, will launch a new plug & play solution, es-Hear™, at EUHA in Nuremberg, October 18-19, 2023.

es-Hear™ is a complete off-the-shelf plug cable and RIC (Receiver-in-Canal) solution. This innovative plug-and-play micro connection is set to transform the world of hearable solutions, offering a seamless and efficient way to connect from socket to ear tip.

As a development and manufacturing house, estron has supplied customised solutions for years. However, es-Hear™ represents a significant milestone as the first complete standard solution provided by estron.

CEO Peter Lyhne Uhrenholt states, “It makes me proud that we, as a development house and manufacturer, can offer a complete solution like the es-Hear. It is a milestone for estron. It emphasises the level of expertise and process quality we have worked up throughout three decades and underlines our commitment to meeting the evolving needs of the hearable industry.”

estron has established itself as a pioneer in providing small and durable wires and connector solutions to the hearing aid market. Their track record boasts millions of custom cable-based RIC connectors, all made possible through their unique es-Linum® cables.

es-Hear™ takes this legacy to new heights, offering a complete off-the-shelf solution for hearables, OTC hearing, communication devices, and more. With a focus on standard components and rapid development, es-Hear™ is prepared to accelerate projects, making it an ideal choice for start-ups and established companies alike.

Changes in the hearing market, such as new demands for OTC hearing, have provided new opportunities for estron.

Chief Technologist Carit Laursen adds, “We have introduced a new front-end innovation approach which has strengthened the work on more complete solutions. Previously, estron primarily worked with incremental innovation, but with the need for speed in today’s competitive landscape and new fields such as OTC hearing, we have stepped up, and the es-Hear is the first outcome of our new approach.”

For more information, check the product page: https://estron.dk/products/ric-connector-solutions/

For media inquiries, please contact:
CEO of estron, Peter Lyhne Uhrenholt
Phone: +45 22 42 64 59

About estron:
estron a/s is an international market-leading developer and manufacturer of miniature wire, cable, and connector systems for hearing aids, audio, communication, and similar applications. The company was established in 1994, headquartered in Them, Denmark, and has production in Denmark and Vietnam. The products are primarily manufactured in close cooperation with customers, and several products are produced on customised machines of estron’s own design. The customer portfolio includes, among others, the largest global hearing aid manufacturers. The company employs more than 400 people in total. Learn more at www.estron.dk.