New revolutionary speaker lead wires

More than 20 years ago estron pioneered the hearing aid industry with new flexible yet durable litz wires. Years and billions of litz wires later, we have used our experience to create the perfect loudspeaker lead wires.

SF2-Litz is a revolutionary Soft-Flex speaker lead wire developed to keep your loudspeakers stable. Maintaining temperature stability while ensuring durability is essential for the voice coil and speaker performance. With the introduction of the SF2-Litz we supply speaker lead wires which are extremely flexible, designed to ensure least possible stress of the voice coil. With the flexibility, stability is ensured, which makes the SF2-Litz lead wires a great alternative to traditional speaker leads and tinsel wires.

estron is releasing two new types of lead wires for tweeter and for mid- and full-range speakers.

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