Erhvervsinvest acquires estron A/S

Press release 03-02-2023

Erhvervsinvest acquires estron A/S – a leading Danish manufacturer of high-quality miniature wires, cables and connectors for hearing aids and other high quality audio products

estron A/S (estron), which was founded in 1994, has developed into being a leading designer, developer, and manufacturer of miniature wires, cables, and connectors, which are primarily used in hearing aids, but also in audio and communication products of high quality.

estron employs more than 450 employees and has production facilities in Denmark, Vietnam, and Mexico, while management, sales, and development are based out of the head office in Them, Denmark. The components are produced on machines built in-house, based on own designs.

”estron has a strong organisation with amazing competencies and products, which make the company unique and market leading in its niche. With a clear strategy, estron is ready for further growth through developing strategic partnerships as well as through expansion of the product offering and into new market segments. I look forward to a new and exciting chapter for estron together with Erhvervsinvest,” says Peter Lyhne Uhrenholt, CEO of estron.

estron delivers components to all the largest hearing aid manufacturers and is especially recognised for their high quality, which is a requirement as a supplier to the medical industry. estron delivers components of the same high quality to the communications industry, such as security/military, and to professionals in the audio industry.

Allan Sørrig Dodt, who founded estron together with Lars Elgård Nielsen, continues as a board member and investor, and says:

”estron has been on a value creation journey over the recent years, and there is still a lot of potential in the company. I now look forward to continuing the development of estron together with Erhvervsinvest.”

The board also includes Anders Schnettler Kristensen, CEO of Gaming A/S and former CSO of WS Audiology as chairman, and Sune Lilbæk, CEO of PCH Engineering. Current co-owners Allan Sørrig Dodt, Lars Elgård Nielsen and Poul Thyregod all continue as shareholders in estron.

The investment is the first investment by Erhvervsinvest V, which currently has a capital commitment of more than DKK 1.1 billion.

”estron is a strong and well-run company and a market leader in its niche. The company has several very interesting opportunities ahead of it both with existing customers as well as in new markets. We look forward to continuing the development of the company together with management and the talented employees” says Managing Partner of Erhvervsinvest, Thomas Marstrand.

For further information, please contact:

Peter Lyhne Uhrenholt, CEO, estron
Telefon: +45 22 42 64 59

Allan Sørrig Dodt, founder of estron
Telefon: +45 40 56 18 36

Thomas Marstrand, Managing Partner, Erhvervsinvest
Phone: +45 21 65 93 26