estron is expanding the production in Vietnam

Within the last couple of months, we have more than doubled the production area in our Vietnamese factory to accommodate a growing demand - a demand which also requires ESD protection in the assembly process.

We have expanded our existing facilities with two floors. With a total of approximately 2700m2 we have increased production capacity considerably and dedicated a special area for ESD protected production.


Ready for new development and projects

With 200 employees in our Vietnamese subsidiary we are now able to meet the increasing demand from our hearing aid business and the booming audio business. 

Our Chinese subsidiary continues to be an important contributor not only as a third production site but also our partner in development on smaller projects.

In Denmark our project and development department is also growing to keep up with the increasing number of development projects.

Quality and security of supply are essential for us, and we will do everything we can to meet and exceed our customers' expectations.

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