SF2-Litz lead wires for small speakers

SF2-Litz lead wires for small speakers

The estron SF2-Litz is a Soft-Flex lead wire based on years of experience and development of products requiring the highest quality, which is vital for the ultimate performance and reliability. With the SF2-Litz construction you get an extremely flexible lead wire with built in mechanical damping. Rubbing and other known resonances are minimised in the interface between the voice coil/cone and the terminal of the speaker driver, which increase temperature stability beyond what is usually seen. estron’s unique twisting technology and use of high purity copper make this lead wire revolutionary for long term use.

• High power handling - high amplitude
• Extremely flexible wiring
• High durability
• Low rub and buzz
• High internal damping
• High temperature stability
• Unique twisted construction
• Low mass
• Cut, pre-tinned and ready-to-use
• Reach & RoHS compliant

Low mass

No textile fibres are added in the process. As the lead wire is manufactured from high purity copper there are no non-conductive materials present to increase the weight of the lead wire. SF2-Litz has limited the well-known drawbacks of textile fibre wires such as relatively stiff wires, and the tendency to contaminate the solder joint.

Insulated, but solderable

To give SF2-Litz its flexible characteristics, each individual strand is enamelled with a fine layer of polyurethane. The polyurethane enamel not only prevents oxidation but also “tin back-flow” in the soldering process.

Pre-tinned and ready-to-use

All lead wires are soldered in each end. This soldering is your assurance that there is a strong connection between all strands. Pre-tinning is one of estron’s core processes. Custom tinning and lengths are available upon request.

SF2-Litz lead wire applications

SF2-Litz lead wires are ideal for use in all loudspeaker drivers with high excursion requirements such as wide frequency range tweeters, small full- and mid-range drivers. SF2-Litz is THE safe choice for applications requiring high power handling making it an excellent alternative to traditional speaker lead wires and tinsel wires.