Our most popular wires. ESW litz wires are pre-cut and pre-tinned high-performance wires for high quality instruments. A double-coated silver-plated copper wire. The polyurethane and nylon top enamel makes ESW an excellent mechanical performer in the mounting process, and less prone to corrosion.

A combination of the best materials and estron's unique technology make ESW Litz outstanding. It has excellent characteristics in terms of flexibility, softness, and fatigue resistance and due to the exact tinning of 0.02" in each end it is very easy to work with.

  • High-tech design for high quality applications
  • Made from silver plated copper
  • Double enamel, polyurethane and nylon
  • Available in Litz and Solid
  • No cadmium, nickel or beryllium


Litz wires are very flexible, but rather sensitive. Fatigue resistant. Prevents acoustic feed-back. Litz wires are often used for transducers, microphones, and battery springs.

estron offers stranded wires (litz wires) in CPT™, ESW™ and XT-ESW™. All versions are available with short tinning.


Solid wires are very strong but not so flexible. May be difficult to handle in the assembly process of ITEs. May cause acoustic feed-back. Solid wires are often used for trimmers, and volume controls. Some companies also use them for microphones and battery springs.

estron offers single end wires in CPT™ and ESW™.


ESW Litz lasts up to three times longer in bending tests

Traditionally CPT™ Litz breaks after a few bends. When soldering the wire on to the solder-pad, the melted solder flows back and melts part of the enamel. The solder forms the well-known trumpet shape. This is a commonality that creates a highly sensitive region where the wire and solder meet. The wire is particularly sensitive to bending and corrosion in this exposed area.

When the ESW™ Litz breaks, it happens above the solder joint leaving a piece of the wire on the solder-pad.

Results from bending tests prove the ESW™ Litz to be up to three times better than traditional CPT™ Litz.



Material: Silver-plated pure copper wire

Design: Available in selected designs

Colours: Available in red, blue, yellow, green and black, skin - skin colour with tracer       

Length: Available in several lengths (5mm - 90mm)

Compliance: RoHS, REACH

Short tinning: Available upon request




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