About Us

Estron -themestron a/s was founded in 1994. estron a/s is a privately owned financially strong company headquartered in Denmark. We are a professional supplier to the hearing instrument industry and other related industries. We are specialized within ultrafine wire solutions and unique cable and connector solutions.

We are innovative and are continuously developing new products alone and/or in close cooperation with our customers. We are highly respected for our professional service and consultancy.

We work in project teams and development projects are handled according to estron's own stage gate model. This ensures that our customers receive the agreed quality at the agreed time. At estron, quality and service are essential parameters. Matching of expectations is a precondition for success. Therefore a constructive, honest and open dialogue with our customers before, during and after a project is crucial.

Customer satisfaction is monitored closely - we are constantly working to improve customer satisfaction.

CPT, ESW  and XT-ESW - We are market leader within wire solutions for hearing instruments. estron a/s markets more than 1200 different lead wires under the CPT, ESW and XT-ESW trademarks.

Cable Plug Solutions for Hearing Aids - We have designed a number of micro connectors available under the trademark es-Connect®.

linum® by estron - Intelligence built into wires and cables.  We are proud to offer our unique solution for IEMs and Earphones.

We are an innovative company that through close dialogue with our customers identifies demands and bring new optimum solution ideas to life.

Apart from Denmark we also have production in China (estron China) and in Vietnam (estron Vietnam).